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Welcome to Web-House

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This website is undergoing constant changes and is far from finished!

Web-House is a small company, that makes good affordable websites with the use of the latest technologies!

Tools used to build the websites will be Microsofts ASP.NET, Microsoft Visual Studio 2008 Professional and the C# programming language, Microsoft Expression Studio 3. Also Adobes Dreamweaver with e.g. PHP and Flash CS4 with ActionScript 3.0, and of course Photoshop CS4 is available along with the rest off Adobes Master Collection CS4.

Web-House puts an honour in that all of our web products comply with all of W3C (World Wide Web consordium) standards. Fell free to test all our pages for XHTML and CSS standards just by clicking the blue icons.

You might find more information here: W3C

Regarding WAI-AAA / WCAG 1.0 standards, the orange icon, W3C apparently has not yet it self a validation site, but they are out there on the Internet, e.g. here. You should though be aware of that it’s not an official test!